Samples can talk – let us translate their message for you

Spectrolytic sensors derive analytical data from sample measurements enabling operational decision making in real time for our customer. Delays caused by laboratory analysis of samples are eliminated.

Data driven decision making based on spectroscopic sample analysis

The need for a lab analysis of samples in industrial, food or medical application causes delays, inefficiencies and additional costs.

Spectrolytic sensors products move the established analytical method of Mid-IR (Infrared) spectroscopy, out of the lab and into the field, providing real time analysis anywhere, anytime.

Our products are optimised for any given application and can be integrated directly into a process line (in-line) or can be configured to analyse samples at the point of sample taking (at-line) providing critical operational data at an instance and with lab analysis quality.

Spectrolytic supports their customers in the application development and integration of its products at the customers site.

We also offer cloud services via a web portal for our inline measurement systems that ensures our customers can easily view the data stream and process control charts from the system.
This is Spectrolytic range of products for ir spectroscopy, some devices are portable spectrometers, some are inline spectrometers. Contact Spectrolytic to buy spectrometer online.

Oil Condition Monitoring

Our IR spectrometer systems provide valuable oil condition information that allows our customers to pro-actively protect their high value plant assets like gas and diesel engines, compressors, hydraulic systems and gearboxes.
Oil Condition Portable Analyser
Oil Condition Inline Analyser
Oil in Water/Soil Portable Analyser

Fuel Analysis

Our IR spectrometer systems are used in fuel analysis providing our customers with important quality control data in diesel, gasoline and biofuels.
Biodiesel FAME% Portable Analyser
Ethanol in Gasoline Portable Analyser

Milk Analysis

Our IR spectrometer systems enable our customers to establish a digital quality control process for raw milk analysis for standard milk parameters and adulteration and counterfeiting.
Milk Analyser