Food Quality

Control your processes and maintain safe standards

What We Can Measure

The quality control along the supply chain of foodstuffs and beverages have a significant influence on the consumers from a cost and health perspective.

Our product portfolio allows rapid and cost effective solutions to allow the user to make key analyses regarding quality, adulteration and counterfeiting of foodstuffs and beverages.

Below you can see some of the typical food market segments that we provide solutions for.

Food Quality Applications

  • Wines and spirits analysis
    • Sugars, Ethanol
    • Adulteration
  • Olive oil, rape seed oil and palm oil analysis
    • Free fatty acid
    • adulteration
    • Grade Classification
  • Milk Analysis
    • Fat, Lactose and Protein
    • Adulteration
  • General Process Control in Food Manufacturing Processes

Food Quality Product Platforms

  • Compatible with food industry cleaning in progress(CIP) routines
  • MIRS-A Real-time ATR device measures heterogenous solutions inline