Oil Condition Monitoring

Protect your valuable assets and minimise risk

What We Can Measure

Industrial oils and lubricants used in engines (automotive, marine, biogas), gearboxes (wind turbines) and hydraulic systems, contain a base oil and a complex mixture of additives to enhance the oil’s lifetime, lubrication and application properties. The oils are used to lubricate critical parts of often very expensive machinery. Knowing the quality of the lubricant at any given point in time enables the customers to optimise the environmental and operational performance and to optimise maintenance cycles.

We provide turn-key solutions in the form of system plus calibration file for some common manufacturer oil types.
See below for the different oil groups that our systems work with and our capability table for parametric measurements.

Oil Condition Monitoring Applications

  • Engine Oils
    • Petrol, diesel, gas, biogas, jet engine.
  • Steam and Gas Turbine oils
  • Gear box oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Ancillary Equipment eg compressors.
  • Cutting fluids, greases, other lubricants

Oil Condition Monitoring Product Platforms

Oil Condition Monitoring Portable Analyser