Cloud Services

Spectrolytic’s DataInspectIR cloud dashboard is an advanced online platform to monitor the real-time datastream from the FluidInspectIR® Inline installations.

The Dashboard is intuitively layered with different levels of information. The customer-based homepage contains an alert / notification section and the dashboard is structured by location (if multiple locations are used)  and asset(s). The asset view typically contains a real-time summary of all parameters under monitor with each parameter supplemented by an SPC (statistical Process Control) Chart to display trending against either date or oil hours. Each parameter is set up with the customer’s warning and fault limits and the alert scenario’s can be defined for example rapid change in subsequent data points.

All the data is commonly transferred to the Cloud with an LTE (Long Term Evolution) connection from the FluidInspectIR® Inline unit and we support data transmission to customer’s clouds (Azure, AWS) via MQTT or web API protocols. If the customer prefers not to use the cloud service we also support direct integration of the datastream from the FluiInspectIR® inline units with on-site controllers.

DataInspectIR Cloud Dashboard Hompage

Alerts & Notifcations

My Assets – Sensor Statistics Overview Page

Live View of Real-Time Parametric Data

Statistical Process Control Charts and warning / fault limits