Cloud Services

We offer cloud services as part of our complete measurement solution package. Our sensors can be configured to send a real-time data stream to a cloud server where they are stored and analysed according to the customers requirement. The analysed data is available to the  customers at the touch of a button via our Cloud Web Portal

Data from our sensors can be sent to the Cloud via ethernet, LTE or satellite communications. It is also possible to send the data from the cloud back to the sensors for updates.

Upon installation of our sensors our web portal gives the customer access to all of their installed sensors. The data provided by the sensors for each asset is displayed on process control charts. The process control charts can be customized by the user to include control and alarm limits that allows the user to have complete management of the plant asset in real-time.
If customers have their own cloud infrastructure the parameter data from our cloud can be easily transferred to the customer’s cloud using a variety of methods.