Spectrolytic’s core expertise is the manufacture and development of sensor systems for Oil Condition Monitoring. Our core technology allows us to work outside of this market sector with external customers to develop measurements system and sensors in a broad range of industries. We offer a complete cost-effective product design package for a customised solution that will be manufactured in an ISO 9001 qualified manufacturing environment.

Current Projects

  • Healthcare
    • Spectrolytic is working exclusively with Glyconics to develop the appoint of care device to detect the onset of COPD attacks and allow patients to manage their illness avoiding frequent A&E admissions. Find out more.
    • Next-generation Capnography devices for anesthesia process control.
  • Agriculture
    • Inline manure sensor to control key compound concentrations during the fertiliser spraying process
  • Food analysis
    • Portable milk composition and adulteration analyser.
    • Benchtop Wine content analyser
  • Industrial projects
    • Inline measurement system for complete analysis of transformer oil degradation.