Industry leading Lab-in-Box analysis tool

How do our devices work?  

We measure the mid-infrared absorption spectrum of a sample and derive quantitative information from the spectrum.

What is mid-Infrared Spectroscopy?

It’s a fundamental molecular absorption with no harmonics. MIR (Mid-Infrared) spectroscopy requires a factor of 100 less reference analysis compared to NIR (near-Infrared).

What different devices do we offer?

Inline, laboratory based and portable. Turnkey and customised spectrometers and sensor solutions.

Where can the products be used?

MIR spectrometers and sensors can be used on any material (gas, liquid, solid) that exhibits Infra-Red absorption properties. We work in many market segments like oil condition, fuel analysis, food industry, healthcare, agriculture, chemical industry and many disruptive applications.

What advantages do our products offer ?

Our products provide accurate analysis of the sample in the field and no need to send samples to a lab and wait for days for the results.  Our products are great value in order to allow our customers to bring the high-end lab into the field.

How long does a measurement take?

Instantly on some products to approx. 2 minutes on others. Measurements can be taken manually or with automated sequence.

Are the products easy to use?

Our products are very easy to use and/or integrate into an existing facility. Our proprietary software is very user friendly and customised per product line.

Where do we manufacture our products?

In Germany under ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard.

Who is responsible for service and maintenance?

We offer after-sales servicing in the form of yearly calibration and optimisation.