Dr Benjamin Wiesent – Joint CEO

Dr Benjamin Wiesent is the co-founder of Spectrolytic and currently serves as the joint Chief Executive Officer of the company.
Benjamin used his PhD thesis work to set up Spectrolytic to bridge a gap in the marketplace for cost-effective laboratory, inline and portable Mid Infra-Red spectrometers. Originally set up with oil condition monitoring in mind, the application and product portfolio now extends into many industries.
Benjamin aids in all aspects of the business with his considerable knowledge of optical, mechanical, firmware, software and chemometric systems.
He also contributes heavily to the family owned business, Comline GmbH, a successful German company who develop and manufacture cabling systems and on-board electronics for large industrial vehicles.
Benjamin holds a degree and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich.

Dr Carsten Giebeler – Joint CEO and Managing Director

Dr Carsten Giebeler is the Co-founder of Spectrolytic Ltd and currently serves as the joint Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the company.In addition to the CEO and business development activities, Carsten uses his vast experience in sensors and optics to aid our product design and application activities.
Before setting up Spectrolytic Ltd, Carsten spun out Pyreos Ltd from Siemens AG in Germany, where he was working as a venture Manager for the Siemens Technology Accelerator. Carsten served from 2009 to 2015 as the Chief Technology Officer of Pyreos, which grew to 40 people, and he had sole responsibility for all technology developments, IP and technology partnerships. In addition, he was leading the sales activities in Germany and Korea.
Prior to that Carsten held a number of R&D positions at the Hewlett Packard research laboratory in Palo Alto, USA and the Philips Research Laboratory (NatLabs) in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Carsten holds a PhD in physics from the University of Sheffield and an MBA form the University of Edinburgh.

Spyros Brown – Systems Specialist

Spyros is as a systems specialist and works in all aspects of product development including electrical, mechanical, optical, firmware and software fields. He is also responsible for our proprietary software platforms including device user interface and helping develop the chemometric algorithms.
Previously Spyros worked as an applications engineer at Pyreos Ltd, where he developed pioneering sensor-based algorithms for gesture sensing. Prior to this he worked as an ASIC Software Engineer at Schrader Electronics and spent several years at Heriot Watt University as a researcher into free-space optical neural networks.
Spyros holds a BSc in computer science and an MSc in embedded systems engineering.

Neil Conway – Applications Manager

Neil manages the diverse portfolio of measurement applications on our systems. He is also responsible for the chemometric modelling, new application introduction and application specifications and documents. He also manages our global distributors, provides technical support to our customers and is responsible for all our technical marketing content.
Previously Neil has held process engineering positions in semiconductors with Motorola and Atmel and also worked as a consultant to the MEMs industry. At MEMs Sensor company Pyreos he was technically responsible for setting up the world’s first high yielding, thin film, Pyro-electric PZT platform for an Infra-Red sensor production line.
Neil is a chartered Engineer (CEng) and scientist (CSci) and corporate member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (MIChemE) and holds a BEng (Hons) in Chemical & Process Engineering from Strathclyde University.

Dr Costas Plakas – Product Manager

Costas is responsible for liaising with customers to define and drive their Custom Development Requirements and he is involved in the development direction of the technology platform. Costas additionally oversees algorithmic development for our data analysis.
Previously, Costas worked for 10 years In the Medical Imaging sector for Toshiba, both as senior scientist specialising in algorithms and AI for medical applications, and as a project/product manager. His post-doctorate experience at Heriot-Watt University includes working as a computer vision development manager in Robotics for 5 years.
Costas holds several project management qualifications (PRINCE II, AgilePM) and is working towards an MBA at the University of Strathclyde. Costas holds a BSc in Physics, an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems and a PhD in Computer Science.