Ethanol In Gasoline Portable Analyser

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ATR Mid Infrared Spectroscopy

Correlates with ASTM D4815(GC)

Detectable range of 0 to 20% Ethanol

Error of 0.5% v/v at E10

Portable and battery operated

500 measurements without recharging

Download Product Sheet – Ethanol in Gasoline


Product Description – The Ethanol In Gasoline Analyser uses ATR Spectroscopy, based on the ASTM D4815 standard, to extract the Ethanol % parameter from a Gasoline (petrol) sample. The Analyser is basically maintenance free being exclusively constructed from solid state dispersion elements, a black body infrared emitter and infrared sensor element. It is very robust with an outstanding battery lifetime. The Analyser comes with a sophisticated but user-friendly software which is run from an-situ tablet.

• Mid-infrared ATR Spectrometer
• 1800-900cm-1
• Spectral Resolution 36-18cm-1
• Size: 39cm(W)*31cm(L)*17cm(D)
• Weight: 8kg
• Windows 10 Operating System


Application – With many countries tightening regulations on gasoline content, it is very important to have a reliable measurement device that can be used in the Laboratory and in the Field. The analyser comes complete with a calibration file for measuring E0-E20 (0- 20% ethanol content in gasoline). gives the user rapid, accurate on-site analysis. The short measurement time for this application (as explained in ‘how to use’) increases the accuracy of the measurement due to the volatility of gasoline.

How To Use – The gasoline sample is placed on the ATR crystal which forms part of the spectrometer. This is done easily with a pipette of approximately 0.5-0.75ml. The measurement is started from the software. After about 30s the ethanol% of the sample will be displayed. The user can add traffic light specification (green/yellow/red) limits to make the result easily defined for any operational personnel.