“The Static FTIR (IRGriffin) enables us to perform time-resolved mid-ir spectroscopy of fluids and gases at measurement rates of up to 40 Hz. In addition, it is substantially less expensive, more compact and more robust than our conventional FTIR laboratory instruments, which makes it particularly interesting for both research and teaching.”
Institute for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

The IRGriffin Static FTIR spectrometer has been developed to be a high end solution for more demanding applications that require high speed, high spectral resolution and excellent SNR. The high speed and accuracy of the Static FTIR makes the product a preferred choice where time resolved analysis, such as reaction monitoring or process control, are required.

The IRGriffin Static FTIR is to our knowledge the fastest FTIR spectrometer on the market and it can measure entire spectra at a frequency of 40Hz.

The current wavelength range of the static FTIR spans from 3.5um to 14.um and can be extended if needed. The spectral resolution of the static FTIR is around 6 cm-1. The device is also able to correct in real time to any background variations that happens during the measurement process which increases the accuracy and robustness of the system even further.