Software Platform

Powerful User-friendly software for Operations and Engineering

Our Software Platforms

Our powerful software platforms allow our customers to make data driven decisions based on the spectrometer results.

Whether you are an engineer or an operator the software is elegantly built to allow ease-of-use.

Measurements and process control could not be easier with express mode for our IRSphinx systems. With simple background/run buttons and measurement results in a traffic light pass, fail, warning system, this allows our spectrometers to be instantly used in labs and plants with little training required.

For our other products we have specific consoles, like for our MIRS systems, our customers can monitor the raw data or otherwise have a calibration file running with an  embedded predictor that converts the raw data to a chemical parameter like water content or oil oxidation.

The software package is compatible with MS windows, PC’s and tablets (XP/Win7/Win8/Win10).

Express Mode Interface for IRSphinx Products

  • Simple measurement procedure for device operator.
  • Results displayed in traffic light format for easy interpretation.
  • Runs auto checks like crystal cleanliness for consistent results.
  • Trend Analysis

MIRS Console Software

  • Software Console specific to our inline MIRS device.
  • Data capture and visualisation of raw data.
  • Embedded calibration model predictor in graphical and data output format.
  • Trend analysis

Express Mode Graphic User Interface

MIRS Trend Analyser in Raw data Output capture