We have recently installed our inline oil condition analyser on a gas engine in a Combined Heat and Power Recovery system.

The analyser, that is designed for seamless installation, is composed of our Fieldkit with MIRS-T (and includes several other sensors and components) and measures the key parameters of the engine oil/lubrication in real-time such as TAN, TBN, oxidation, nitration and temperature.

In this installation, data is sent via ethernet to our cloud portal but we can use LTE and satellite options depending on the customer’s requirements.

From the cloud portal, our clients can easily view the trending plots of the oil condition changes and tailor them to include warning/fault levels on each parameter.

The remote capability of the system is moving plant equipment lubrication analysis into Industry 4.0 realms, but also important in these strange times, it allows the plant engineers to have real-time data in order to manage the smooth operation of their high-value plant assets.

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