Spectrolytic has developed a portable analyser for measuring the content of fatty acid methyl ester in a biodiesel blend. FAME% Analyser takes the lab into the field and provides analytical results with the lab accuracy in less than 5 minutes.
It uses ATR Spectroscopy, based on the ASTM D7371 standard.

The FAME% Analyser is very robust and has an outstanding battery lifetime with up to 500 measurements between charge, which is ideal for remote or portable measurements.

The analyser itself is very user-friendly and runs from an in-situ touchscreen tablet and importantly, needs very little maintenance for optimum performance.
You can find more details about the analyser on our website https://lnkd.in/eknSRK6.

The Fame analyser is calibrated using certified fame samples from B0-B100 and this covers all global sources of FAME from palm oil to rapeseed oil.

With that in mind, our global customers have been very happy with our systems that have been proven to match or were sometimes even better than much more expensive, high-end, high maintenance FTIR laboratory-based systems. Yos Rizal Prima Saputra Pamapersada Nusantara

See how our FAME% Analyser can save you time compared to taking your samples to the lab on the below flow.

Also, check more details about the FAME% Analyser here.

Fatty Acid methyl ester analyser flow